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Customer Feedback 2015

Item# CF2015
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

01/03/15 Dave from MN bought 45 acp 230 Gr: High Quality, outstanding price, speedy shipping, I've found my new bullet supplier.

01/05/14 Tom from FL bought 9MM 122 Gr:Excellent product and service

Eric from MI bought 380 auto cast bullets: Great to work with. Good bullets

01/06/15 Richard from AZ bought 44 Cal Cast Bullets: This is the best place to buy brass and bullets, they do and outstanding job and will help you anyway they can.

01/15/15 Gene from OH bought 41 Cast Bullets: Randy and cpmpany very eager to satisfy! Im Happy!

01/16/15 John from 32 Cal Cast Bullets: Good communications, prompt delivery, well packaged, the cast bullets look great, Thanks much

01/19/15 Jerry from WA bought multiple cast bullets: Bullets are close to excellent, Quite a few of the .32 100 gr had wrinkles. This being said these generally shot remarkably well in both guns 32-20 and 32 H&R mag.

01/24/15 Tom from Fl bought 9MM 122Gr: Great product, great experience!

02/03/15 James from PA bought 38 SWC and 44 Cast: This is my second order of 38/357 cast 158 swc bullets. They are great product: consistent & accurate. I'm also going to try their .44 240 RNFBB

02/05/15 Jerry from WA bought 32 Cast and 457 RB: My second order with Crown, overall good experience. The .457 round balls shot very well from my cap & ball revolvers. The .32 100 gr no significant wrinkle issues) both RN & RNFP, bullets are excellent in my 32-20s, 32 H&R and 327 Fed Magnums. Great value and service

02/05/15 Dan from FL bought 40 S&W Brass: Super nice product as clean as new brass at a great price, service is great also I highly recommend this company

02/09/15 Tom from FL bought 380 acp and 45 acp 200 gr swc cast bullets: Last year I loaded over 20,000 of these bullets and when I aye they are good, I speak from experience. You will not be disappointed with the quality and the customer service, both are just excellent.

02/09/15 Jon from IA bought 9 Mak brass: First purchase from crown bullet and will definitely be back, Fast shipping!

02/09/15 Nick from AZ bought 32 Caliber WC: It is really my pleasure to deal with! Thanks a lot for your continuous business!

02/12/15 Dave from MN bought 45 acp 230 gr: High quality, outstanding price, speedy shipping. I've found my new bullet supplier

4/18/15 Alden from HI bought 9 mm 115 Gr and 38 158 Gr RN:Overall excellent experience form a little island in the Pacific!!! As we say in Hawaii "Mahalo Nui Loa" (ThankYou Very Much)!!! (br)
Tom from Fl bought 9mm 122gr: Excellent service, quality and price. That's why I keep comingback for repeat purchases.

5/5/14 Hyun from bought multiple brass: Nothing else to say, "Always best!"

5/19/15 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Once again an excellent product with outstanding service and I will be a returning customer

06/05/15 Jerry from OK bought 45 Brass and 45 ACP 230 Gr: The once fired brass I received looks brand new, ready for resizing, putting a primer in and loading it up. You do a great job and the shipping is very fast, Thanks!

06/12/15 Tom from Fl bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Consistent high quality, excellent pricing and attention to customer needs is what brings me back to Crown again and again. Overall an excellent experience.

06/16/15 Richard from AZ bought 357 and 223 brass: This place is the best place to buy brass, it is good quality brass, looks new but its once fired. Very very clean

06/24/15 Eugene from OH bought 44 and 41 cast bullets: I love crown cast bullets! They shoot great! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thanks! Will buy again!

07/02/15 Tom from Fl bought 9mm 122 gr: Ordered the bullets on Sunday evening, they were delivered Wed before noon... now that's service. Great product at a fair price.

7/8/15 Melvin from Ga bought multiple cast bullets: Really liked the 9 mm, 40 and 45 RN cast bullets!! Very consistent in size and weight! Thanks again

07/23/15 Jerry from WA bought 32 cal cast bullets and 457 Round Ball:I've ordered three times from Crown, all pistol bullets and Im very satisfied. Ive shot these bullets side by side against better known cast bullet manufactures, costing substantially more, and found them equal or better. Ive given a fellow shooter some to load and he seems very happy with them, he wants to split my next order.

08/04/15 Tom from Fl bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Excellent service and a quality product. I will keep buying their products.

08/23/15 Bobby from Ga bought 12 Ga Federal Hulls: Good products and always delivered on time, good to do business with

09/09/15 Tom from Fl bough 9 MM 122 Gr: Excellent service, price and product quality. Very quick shipment, what's not to like! Overall excellent!

9/10/15 Robert from NC bought 38/357 Cal 105 Gr:Fast courteous service, good quality bullets. Thank you

10/05/15 Mike from FL bought multiple 45 acp cast bullets: Ordered on Monday, shipped same day, received on Wed. Good Quality, Fast shipping. Good price

10/12/15 Chad from MS bought Estate 20 ga Hulls: Excellent service all the way to the door, I give them 5 stars and will do business with them again.

10/28/15 Bob from IN bought 38 Brass and 450 Colt 200 Gr: Delivered as expected. The once fired brass looked brand new. Good prices and quick delivery. I will order again.

11/4/15 Tom from Fl bought 9 MM 122 Gr and 45 ACP 200 gr SWC: Quality product at a fair price

11/29/15 John from KS bought Multiple cast bullets: I have ordered cast bullets several times and have never had any problems, excellent product.

12/9/15 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Quality products, good prices and excellent customer service. What more could a consumer ask

01/09/16 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Great service and a great product. What more could you expect!