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Customer Feedback 2012

Item# CUFB2012
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

1/13/12 Keith from TX bought 45 Colt Cast: The bullets are very consistent with weight and seem to have a very good finish. Their prices are competitive with other sites. I also like that they offer 250 Gr for the 45 Colt, so I will be buying again soon.

01-18-12 Phil from CA bought Crown Bullet Lube: I bought this lube to "fix" MISERY'S lead hunks that key-holed and left more Pb in the barrel than came out. No heater needed, just place your sizer and bOOlits in the sun until warm to touch. I've been casting 35+ years and this is the BEST stuff I've tried, ZERO leading. At last- I've found a caster that knows his stuff!

1/19/12 Harry from OR bought Shotgun Hulls: Outstanding service, great product, great communication AAAA+++

1/30/12 David from MN bought Shotgun Hulls: The service of Crown Bullet was excellent up and down the ladder. I ordered shotgun hulls on a holiday, not expecting to get quick service. By the time I looked at my email early the next morning, the packages had already been sent. Perfect.. I needed those hulls

2/3/12 Berkley from UT bought 380 brass: The best fired brass I have ever purchased. De-Primed and cleaned. They looked brand new. Packaging was superb. Thanks, berkley

2/13/12 Carl from Tx bought 9 MM Brass: Ever time I open your shipping boxes I'm still amazed at how clean the brass is. It always appears to be brand new

2/14/12 Charles from DE bought 380 and 9 MM Brass: Brass is beautifully polished, inside and out and decapped- appears better than nw brass!

2/21/12 Keith from IN bought 12 Ga AA Hulls: Very Satisfied customer

2/24/12 Sandy from TN bought 38 nickel Brass: Thank you soooo much Randy!!! I'll be placing my next order very soon!!!

3/4/12 Tom from TX bought 223 Brass: Impressed with your speed of replies to questions. One was early AM which was more than could be expected. Delivery, while USPS, only took two days to TX which was great and saves money. Looking at bullets and more brass for future buys and will definitely look to Crown for providing. Thanks

3/4/12Jeff from MO bought Multiple Cast Bullets: Thanks for the great products and service

3/5/12 David from NJ purchased Multiple Brass Calibers: Easy Web Site. Quality packaging, god pricing and shipping rates. Will purchase from Crown again.

03/07/12 Keith from TX bought 45 ACP 250 Gr. Cast Bullets: First great bullets and shipping,can not believe a 69 pound box could make it without breaking. This box was returned at first because the post office did not weigh it and thought it was over the 70 pound limit. Crown immediately called and informed me of what happened and once the post office used that dusty thing in the corner they found it was under 70 pounds. I am grateful for the great customer service.

3/8/12 Roman from NY bought Nickel Brass and Cast Bullets: Think you did a great job Randy, fast turn around, quick and easy. Once again great job. Thanks again and will order again and will past the word around the shop to my shooting customers. Thanks.

3/11/12 Jeff from MO bought 38 cast and 9 brass: Thanks for the fast service. I ordered from a company in Johnson City, TN a week ago and still waiting.

Rich from SC bought 9 and 40 Brass: The brass I ordered looked new and the service was the best. Ordering was a breeze. This was my 2nd order, but not my last.

3/20/12 Dick from CA bought Remington Hulls: There were a small portion that looked like they had been wet, rust on the bases. I will load 2 boxes and try them next time I go to the range

3/20/12Bob from MN bought Federal Hulls: Keep up the great service. Will shop again. Thanks

3/27/12 Dick from CA bought remington 12 Ga Hulls: The purchase went great. The hulls were in good shape and the shipping was fast, thank you CBM. I'll be back.

3/28/12 Rick from KY bought 45 Brass: WOW Brasa was very clean and primers punched Very Pleased

3/29/12 Barry from bought 38 Brass: Hi Randy, Just wanted to let you know I received your 38 Special Once Fired brass the other day, and I have to say, I don't know what machines you use to clean and deprime your brass, but dang, they do a FANTASTIC job... When I first opened the box,I thought, "Oh man, Randy screwed up, this is brand new brass...":-) But seriously, just wanted to take a moment to let you know I appreciate how clean and "new like" they are..I'm actually looking forward to reloading for once...:-)

Scott from NH bought 30-30 brass: Keep up the good work

04/06/12 Terry from bought 45 Brass: WOW! opened the box and the product almost blinded me! I have seen NEW brass not this shiny & brite. Placed the order on a Saturday and it was in my mailbox Wednesday. Great service, going thru my stock of brass to see what else I need to order next. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thanks for the great service.

4/8/12 Michael from AZ bought multiple brass and 40 cast bullets: I found the selection to be good and the quality to be excellent. Shipping was fast and the communication with the customer was outstanding. Good Job.

4/9/12 Brian from OH bought 30-06 Brass: Awesome product, great customer service, great communication and perfect overall value! Will be doing business with your company in the future and have already referred a fellow shooter to your company!!

4/11/12 Sandy from TN bought 12 Ga. Gun Club Hulls: Hi Randy... Loved the Shotgun Hulls, exactly what I was looking for... Clean % ready to go... Now I see you have the Pink Hotgun Hulls..I'm off to place my next order for those!!

04/12/12 Kenneth from FL bought 38 SWC Cast Bullets: I have to say Crown was very fast on my order, I did check the weight, BHN and measured random bullets and all was VERY Consistent. Good looking bullets! A pleasure to do business with and plan on coming back soon!

4/14/12 Mark from AZ bought 45 SWC 200 Gr.: These bullets are accurate and there is very little leading, making cleanup of my 1911 easy. Thanks

4/14/12 Gary bought Brass and Cast bullets: This is my first time doing business with Crown but it certainly wont be the last. Everything arrived in a timely manner and was exactly as described.

4/19/12 Greg from Al bought multiple brass: I had a question and called and a "real" person answered the phone!! I will be ordering again!!

4/19/12 Alan from TX bought 45 ACP cast bullets and 9 MM Brass: Best packaging and quickest response of any online business I have used. The once fired pistol brass is beautifully cleaned inside and out and deprimed. Looks brand new and the best brass I have found anywhere.

4/20/12 Al from Fl bought 12 Ga Hulls: I'm very happy with the way I was treated and how the staff worked with me to increase my order and give me a deal on the over all purchase. I will buy again looking forward to more items for reloading being made available in the future. And the shipping time was great couldn't believe how fast it arrived. Very good turn around time. Thanks to all involved in my order.

4/20/12 Charles from Ca bought 9 MM brass: Very good price and fast delivery. Brass was in excellent shape. Very Clean inside and out.

4/23/12 Adrian from TX bought 45 ACP Small Primer Brass: Great Store!
4/23/12 John from KS bought 45 Cast Bullets: Great transaction, quick shipping and I appreciated the constant contacts about my order. Thanks

4/24/12Rick from AR bought 45 LC 250Gr Cast Bullets: Crown Bullets went out of their way to help me with my order. This is my second order and will not be the last. great cast bullets and low prices. Giving free shipping for large orders would be good.

4/28/12 Corey from NE bought 44 Rem Mag and 308 Mil: I was a little skeptical about ordering from Crown at the start, but now I am glad I did. A top notch company!! The brass I received blew me away, it looked awesome and performs great. Thank you Crown

4/28/12 Ken from KY bought 45 ACP 20 Gr Cast Bullets: Great Service good price

5/6/12 Al from FL bought 380 Cast Bullets: Great people to do business with, am glad I found them on the web! Site is easy to use and I find exactly what Im looking for in a few minutes. Takes a little longer sometimes becasue I get distracted with all the cool "stuff" but still enjoy browsing thru

5/7/12 Joe from NY bought 380 Cast Bullets: Took some time to receive my 380 bullets, but the gentleman took the time out to call and explain why, they had run out and were running other calibers. I guess I get impatient but nine days was quite long, I like their products and also when I ordered I bought 2 boxes and very quickly they refunded some shipping because they could put it in a bigger flat rate box. that was very nice also. Im gonna order some .45s now so hopefully it works outok, i think it will.

5/9/12 Russell from OH bought 38 and 44 cast bullets: Thank you for a great product at a good price

5-10-12 Randy from AR bought 45 ACP Brass Small Primer: Randy was most helpful guy I've done business with, your brass looks new, loads easy, when I need brass your the one, bullets will be next Thank you RR

5/23/12 Mike from NJ bought 308 Brass: Outstanding quality and service!! Brass meets and exceeds my expectations.

5/28/12 Joe from MD bought 45 ACP Cast Bullets: I would definitely be a repeat customer in the future. Customer service is great and product is great also. Thanks

5/29/12 Robert from NY bought 38 Nickel Brass:Great friendly company

5/29/12 Ron from OR bought 6.8 Spc Brass: WOW!! I am surprised how fast you found this once fired 6.8 Spc brass cases for me. These cases are super clean good as new. Fast Shipping.

6/1/12 Shawn from OK bought 40 S&W Brass:Very fast delivery. When I got my order the brass was so clean for once fired I thought it was new unfired brass and had to look at the head stamps to see it was in fact mix of once fired brass.

6/4/12 Shelba from KY bought 38 Brass and 38 SWC Cast Bullets: Everything was great could not be much better

6/6/12 Dick from Ca bought 12Ga Hulls: Thank all of you at Crown Bullet.

Jeff from MO bought 357 Brass and 38/357 Cast Bullets RN: Thanks for the fast service on the used 357 brass and bullets.

Ken from CT bought 9 MM Brass:Fast shipping, geat product, what else could I ask for?

6/25/12 Seth from SC bought .223 Commercial Brass: Ordered 500 pcs of .223 commercial brass. Brass arrived very quickly and was so clean it looked brand new. Will definitely order more.

6/29/12 Mark from AZ bought 9 MM Cast Bullets: I cant' believe how fast the shipping is, good job guys.

7/4/12 Larry from OR bought 38/357 Cast Bullets SWC: Superior product, price, service and delivery. NO ONE out there can beat CROWN BULLET. Don't buy anywhere else. These folks ROCK THE RELOADING WORLD! Don't believe me? CHECK THE REST THEN BUY FROM THE BEST- CROWN BULLET.

7/6/12 Harry from OR bought Winchester 12 Ga High Base Hulls: Fast shipping, great price, great product, great communication. AAA+

7/13/12 Josh from MN bought .223 Link Belt: Great product, exactly like description on website. Shipped extremely fast. No problems at all, and friendly people. I will definitely order again and recommend Crown Bullet to all of my friends!

7/14/12 Richard from AZ bought Multiple Brass:This company has the best 1x fired brass I have ever bought. They polish there brass to look like new. I just hope they carry a larger selection of different caliber brass.

7/16/12 Robert from KY bought 223 Military: I was expecting the run of the mill brass you receive from other dealers so was extremely surprised by the quality of the brass when I open the package. I originally bought this brass for conversion to 7.62 x 40 but have decided to leave it as .223. This brass only needs to be sized and trimmed before reloading, it looks better than the stuff you purchase new. A great buy, I will definitely buy from Crown Bullet Mfg again. Thanks

7/18/12 Larry from OR bought 44 Rem Mag and 44 Cast Bullets: This is my second order with Crown Bullet- bought bullets and brass and I am extremely satisfied. Placed my order on 7/12, received it 7/16. The combined shipping and 10% discount brought my price down to what most others would charge just for the bullets!

7/19/12 Ralph from Va bought 38/357 105 Gr cast bullets and 45 acp 230 gr cast bullets: First, you must teach others how to pack a box. Since I haven't ran any yet, I can only comment on the service and shipping. Top Notch! That sums it up. If your worried about poor service it can stop right here.

7/21/12 Dave from WI bought 38/357 cast bullets swc: Crown makes life easy- fast service-good quality-great price!! Bought the 38 cal 158 gr swc, this product is great!!

7/31/12 Glenn bought 9 MM cast bullets: Best bullets around will keep returning

8/4/12 Glenn from CA bought 9 MM cast bullets: Fast delivery great product will buy from again, Thanks

8/15/12 David from LA bought 380 Cast Bullets: Crown Bullet Manufacturing has the best packaging system to keep brass and/or bullets safe from shipping abuse of any company that sells on the internet.

8/16/12 Jim from MO bought 7.62x39 brass: O ordered 500 7.62 x 39 Once Fired Brass and all I can say is WOW! This stuff looks like brand new brass. The primer pockets are even as clean as new. I just did a quick run through of the brass and I see no unusable damaged cases. I wish I had come here for all my brass. I sure will from now on. Look no further folks, Crown is the best! Top notch communication, delivery and most of all product. I will be back!

8/17/12 Lowell from Tx bought Multiple Brass: The once fired brass looked as though it was new. I will order again.

8/19/12 Michael from MI bought 45 ACP and 9 MM Brass: Crown has the best used brass I have seen. It is very hard to distinguish from new. Process are good and service is fast and friendly.

8/31/12 Harvey from IN bought 45 Brass: I have purchased from Crown Bullet before. Always excellent products

9/1/12 Kyle from CA bought 9MM Cast and 9 MM Brass: Excellent products, once fired brass looked brand new! Bullets were sized and lubed, shot good as well. Products were very well packed in nice new reusable boxes with generous use of styrofoam packing, no dented up bullets or brass, very professional. Thanks

9/2/12 Richard from AZ bought multiple brass This company stans way ahead of others selling brass, this is the place to shop for the best 1x fired brass on the market, there is no other cleaner brass next to new brass anywhere, best brass around, Thank you

9/7/12 Shelba from bought 38 and 9 MM Nickel Brass and 38 and 9 MM Cast Bullets: The brass is 2nd to none. Ot looks new inside and out, the brass and bullets work so easy. be seeing you soon

9/9/12 Vic from SC bought 45 ACP Brass Small Primer: You can't be beat. Have put at the top of my list for reloading supplies.

9/9/12 Edward from GA bought 32 Long Brass: Stumbled upon your site while surfing. Glad I did. My first order was a great transaction and I'll definitely be back for more

9/10/12 JIm from MA bought 45 Brass and 45 SWC: Your once fired 45 acp brass was so clean and shiny that I thought it must be new! My Ruger SR1911 flings brass all over the range, so I'll be back for more before long. Thanks

9/12/12 Jay from NC bought Multiple Hulls: This was my second purchase with Crown. The customer service above and beyond what you encounter with most companies today. My purchase was out of the ordinary and they worked with me to achieve complete satisfaction on my end. I will not hesitate to shop with Crown again.

9/17/12 Yannick from France bought 40 Brass: Don't change a thing

9/23/12 Chris from SD bought 45 brass and 45 acp 20 cast bullets: GReat website, easy ordering, with great prices

9/24/12 Victor from SC bought 9 MM Brass: I defy anyone to say these are once fired and not brand new cases

9/24/12 Jim from FL bought 3006 brass: Every thing O.K.

9/25/12 Robert from VA bought 30 Carbine Brass: Thanks for your service

9/26/12 Ian from NJ bought 45 Brass:These guys were fantastic from start to finish. Highly recommended! Will purchase again without a doubt!

9/27/12 Eric from Ca bought 38 and 223 Military brass:By far the best once fired brass I've ever purchased. I can tell that these people really care about the product that they sell. This will be my go to spot from now on.

10/3/12 Alan from KS bought Shotgun Hulls: This was my 2nd order of shotgun hulls from your company. I appreciate your low prices, fast service and quality products

10/9/12 Jim from Fl bought 308 Brass: Everything is A O.K

10/11/12 David from WI bought 38 SWC: Better Product- Better Price- And the best service- Crown Does it all! Bought 6K of your 38/357 SWC's- Love - EM

10/11/12 Ken from NE bought 380 Brass: Good 380 brass is hard to find and easy to lose on the range. I ordered 500. Delivery was really fast and the cases came deprimed and spanking clean. Outstanding

10/11/12 Erick from CA bought 243 Brass:Wow!Wow! Did I say wow? I was completely surprised by how quickly my order arrived. When I opened the box, I was amazed by the quality of the packaging. When I opened the box of once fired brass, it was as if the heavens opened up!I thought that I was looking at new brass! I will be telling everyone about Crown Bullet Manufacturing!

Robert from FL bought 45 Cast Bullets 200 Gr SWC: Received order promptly, cast weights were within + or - one grain, excellent. This was my fourth order with Crown, I will certainly order again

10/15/12 Bob from TX bought 32 Cast 100 Gr RN:You might want to consider lighter weights. On the moulds you use older people usually need larger print. I sure do, all in all your not doing that badly. Thank you and hope this proves to be of some help

10/21/12 Vic from SC bought 38 Brass and 38 Cast: Packaging is superior, extra pieces of Styrofoam added to prevent movement

10/28/12 Jeff from MS bought 9 and 38 cast: Thanks again for the great service. I hope to place another order soon

10/28/12 Gary from Ca bought 223 brass military:Excellent product, 223 brass was 75% Lake City brass, some Federal and few misc mfg. VERY CLEAN brass. I will order ALL of my brass from Crown. The best people to deal with, AAA+++

10/30/12 Laurent from France bought 45 and 40 Brass:Very quality of once fired brass. Fast shipping. All for a very good price. Thank you

11/2/12 Bill from AZ bought 38/357 SWC cast bullets:Very satisfied.beautiful bullets with no visible flaws.bomb proof a competitive price.I'll be back

11/3/12 Shelba from KY bought 38 nickel brass, 38 cast bullets 105gr and 9 MM 115gr:The once fired nickel looked like it had never been fired. All and all the bullets and brass and packaging could not be beat. I certainly will order again. Great service and products.

11/3/12 Alan from KS bought Federal 20 High Base Hulls: Thank you for excellent customer service and products. I will continue to purchase from you again and again, Thanks

11/4/12 John from WV bought 16 Ga Hulls: I have ordered from you on a few occasions and have nothing but good things to say. I highly recommend your site to everyone I know. Thanks for the great items, great pricing and very fast shipping. Will be buying more in the near future

11/6/12 Alan from NM bought 45 brass and 45 cast bullets:Absolutely top notch once fired brass-the best I have seen anywhere. Clean, shiny, looks brand new. The 45 ACP brass sorted by primer size is a big plus too. The bullets are uniform and bright with crisp edges and nicely lubed. I'm a repeat customer and will continue to order from Crown Bullet, Thanks.

11/6/12 Jerry from OH bought Remington 12 Ga Gun Club: Im very satisfied with my order. When I first looked for hulls they showed out of stock. I emailed to ask when they would be available. I received an email from Randy 1 minute later, to say that there were 2 orders available and said he was sorry for the inconvenience. I like that kind of service. WELL DONE RANDY!!! I will be ordering more soon.

11/7/12Tom from FL bought 45 ACP cast bullets 230 Gr: Good product and good service. What more could you ask for

Mark from ME bought 44 Rem Mag and 44 cast bullets 240 gr: VERY clean brass, Looks better than new. I will definitely order again from Crown

11/10/12 Richard from AZ bought 44 Rem Mag and 45 ACP Brass: Perfect every time, thank you

11/10/12 Glenn from CA bought 38/357 cast bullets and 9 MM cast bullets: Best cast around and great price and super fast delivery thanks again

11/11/12 Ernest from Fl bought 223 Commercial Brass and 45 ACP 200 Gr SWC: 200 gn lswc are 205 gn +.4 to -1.0 had to clean everyone to get release agent off of projectile. I have ordered this type from othre vendors without any of these issues. I think it is a quality control issue. My experience at the range today was not very good using same charge I always use for a lswd/bb

Greg from OH bought 308 commercial and 223 commercial: This is the second time I have ordered brass from Crown. Just like the first time this is hands down the cleanest, straightest brass out there. I have bought a lot of brass over the years and Crown's is the best for the money

11/14/12 Richard from AZ bought 243 brass, 3030 brass and 357 brass: Perfect as always the best brass around thank you

11/15/12 Richard from AZ bought multiple brass: These people are the best. You can't find brass like this anywhere I have been buying brass for years and there is no way to beat there's. Thank you

11/16/12Steven from VA bought 223 Military: Beautiful brass, fast shipping, excellent service! I will definitely so business with you again. Thank you!

11/16/12 Bill from OR bought 9 MM and 45 ACP Brass: Outstanding service. Used brass appears to be very clean and in top shape.

11/22/12 Greg from OH bought 308 and 223 commercial brass:Once again an excellent product at a fair price

11/25/12 Scott from AK bought 223 Military Brass:I was very impressed with the quality and condition the brass was received. I look forward to doing business with Crown in the near future.

11/28/12 Rich from SC bought 40 and 9 Brass: This is not the first time I have placed an order for brass.Actually Its the 3rd or 4th time and everything from ordering, shipping and receiving is AAAA++++ rated. The brass always looks brand new. You are the best, never change anything

11/29/12 Art from TX bought 38 Brass: This is my 1st order from Crown Bullet. I opened the box and was impressed with the cleanliness and quality of the 38 brass I received from your company. I will be a repeat customer. Keep up the great service and product quality!

12/1/12 Mark from AZ bought 45 ACP 185 Gr Cast Bullets: I love your bullets. I think Ive bought 12,000 so far since last spring. Shot most of them in USPSA and Steel Challenge. They feed very reliably and accurate.

12/4/12 Jerry from PA bought 45 ACP and 223 Military Brass: Wow! Once fired brass looked better than some of the new brass I bought from other companies. My wife wanted to string them and hang them on our Christmas tree. Yes they look that good! Great products and service, I will now try their cast bullets in some different calibers

12/4/12 Rex from OK bought 45 Colt 200 Gr RNFP Bullets: Everything Great, Will order again

12/6/12 Josh from UT bought 223 Commercial Brass: 223 brass came packaged awesome could not have been better and the brass was in perfect condition. I am placing a new order right now for even more brass

12/4/12 Lee from TX bought 38 cast bullets 105 Gr: Crown Bullet is a GREAT company to do business with. THeir packaging is better than anyone else Ive used, their prices are cpmpetitive and their bullets are consistent. This was my second order. Will definitely order again.

Ronald from MN bought 45 Brass: I am very pleased with the brass O recieved from you. The packaging was awsome. Great price, Thank you so much

12/11/12 MIchael from PA bought Multiple Brass: This was the second time I placed an order for once fired brass and the second time I was "Wowed" with everything about the order!

12/11/12 Kenneth from MD bought 38 WC Cast Bullets: Randy, thanks for the super service. Those little 148 Gr wadcutters are easy to load and easy to shooy. 2nd box is 1/2 way gone I love a wheel gun and you make it cheap and easy to shoot. Keep up the good service

12/13/12 Warren from OH bought 45 250 Gr cast bullets and 38 brass: Great Company. I am a repeat customer. Fair prices and great service keep me coming back

12/13/12 Matt from MO bought 308 commercial brass: I was extremely impressed with the quality of the product. Brass was clean, deprimed and extremely shiny, as was advertised. Only one or two pieces were not useable, but with the few extras included in each box, it more than covered the difference. Staff was more than helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Will be doing business with again

12/25/12 Ray from TX bought 7.62 x 39: Absolutely first class! I am sick that I have not known about Crown Bullet until now. Not only do they stock 7.62 x 39 they deliver it in a very expeditious manner and the quality is basically like new brass. I will definitely be a return customer. Thank you very much for your professionalism!

12/26/12 Richard from PA bought 40 S&W Cast 180 Gr: This is the first time purchasing through Gun Broker and it was easy experience. The product was as advertised and would sure buy from Crown Bullet again

Shane from IA bought 410 Hulls: Shotgun hulls were in excellent condition with a few extras just in case. Wonderful experience except for the post office mis shipping my order

Alan from KS bought 20 Ga Hulls: Thanks for a great product, fast delivery and reliable service. plan to buy more in 2013

12/29/12: Bought once fired military and 308 ammo. I dont know if I got the bottom of the barrel or what but I had to resize all the ammo and a lot of it was short and not useable. Most of the mouths were dented and could not have been reloaded as received. If you think you are going to just receieve it and reload forget it. Count on some not being usable as well. On the good side this is the cleanest brass I have ever seen! Also no extras, so if you get a bad one count yourself short

12/30/12 RYan from NC bought 223 commercial: Once fired brass arrived today. Product was better than advertised. Awsome job. I am completely satisfied

12/31/12 Mark from AZ bought 45 ACP cast 185 Gr: Great product at a great price. Your 45 acp bullets are the best I've found at a great price. THey've made a definite improvement in reliability of my 1911 pistols. Here they are doing a little quick fast work then shiffting gears to put some precision hits on target

12/31/13 Richard from AZ bought multiple brass:This place has the best of all the 1x fired brass sites around. The quality of the brass you recieve itis ready to be resized right then abd now the caes's look better then new inside and out. Thank you for always sending me the best brass around

12/31/12 Jon from WA bought 223: I bought once fired 223 brass, very clean and polished. Ready to reload. Good communication and would buy from again A+