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Customer Feedback 2010

8/16/10- Danny from TX bought 380 Brass:Everything just great, good deal.
8/22/10-Rus from NY bought Nickel Brass:Very fast deal and shipping
8/23/10-Ron from OH bought Nickel Brass and Brass:Very Pleased with purchase
8/23/10-Roy from TX bought 45 Brass:Brass looks great,fast service
8/24/10-Christopher from VA bought 38 Sp. Nickel and Brass:Nice Brass,fast shipping
8/26/10-Eugene from TX bought 357 Brass:Very good service on a very good quality product. Glad to have found them!!
William from FL bought 9 Brass:Both orders of brass are perfect, shipped very fast, thanks
8/28/10-Patrick from MI bought 45 Cast SWC:Great Bullets Fast Thank You A+++
8/30/10-Ronny from AL bought 38 Cast :Very prompt service will do business again, thanks
9/1/10-Gary from CA bought Brass:I am very impressed with the brass. The only brass I have seen as clean as your product was NEW UNFIRED. What a great deal for anyone that reloads. Thanks.
9/2/10-Rick from WY bought Gun Club Hulls:A+++ Excellent communication, rapid shipment
9/12/10-Bruce from CA bought 40 Brass:Brass looks great.Purchased 500 and received 510, primers removed and cases clean. Will buy from seller again.
9/14/10-Philip from KY bought 30-30 Brass:Great transaction Good quality brass
9/15/10-Robert from MI bought 40 Nickel Brass:Very nice product. Fast, reliable shipping. Looks like I found a new supplier for my brass, thank you very much.
9/18/10-Mike from CA bought 223 and 9 Brass: Great to do biz with and will do so again
9/18/10-Jeff from MN bought9 and 38 Brass: Great quality, fast shipping, will do business again
9/20/10-Harold from Fl bought 9 Nickel Brass,9 Brass and 9 Cast:"X"cellent bullets, Fast delivery and TOP quality Will buy more, Really nice brass. Will be buying more soon. Great personal service. Quality stuff, don't usually go for nickel but worth every cent.
9/21/10-Dan from MI bought 40 Nickel Brass: Cases were better then expected and shipment arrived prompt. Very good experience with Crown Bullet, thank you
9/22/10 James from LA bought 45 SWC,9 RN and 38 SWC: A++ good communication, quick shipper, good quality bullets, no problems, ez people to deal with
Frank from MI bought 9 Nickel Brass: Came fast and looks good
9/28/10 Rex from IL bought 38 Brass" Excellent poeple to do business with, fast shipping and excellent product
10/06/10 David from LA bought 38 Nickel Brass: Exceptional quality brass, very clean, professionally packaged for shipping, I will order more in the future from CBM. I just received my first purchase of Once fired brass from CBM. To my surprise and delight, this was witout a doubt the best order I've made from an online once fired brass supplier. The brass was clean as advertised. What I didn't expect was the neatly packaged box. Other suppliers just throw the brass in a bag, drop it in the mail and the buyer can only hope for the best. The speed in which the order was shipped was also appreciated. I will be doing business with you/CBM in the future.
10/04/10 Martin from CA bought .45 SWC: Excellent to deal with
10/14/10 Daryl from NC ordered 12 Ga Hulls: Very very very pleased with the full transaction
10/22/10 Mario from FL ordered Multiple Cast Bullets: Randy is very professional and went out of his way to meet me to save me the shipping cost.
10/28/10 Matthew from SD ordered 40 S&W Brass: I had an excellent experience with this company! They helped me track my order and had prompt and friendly customer service. Top notch company! Great price for brass, and it came shiny and ready to be loaded. Service like this is hard to come by these days.
10/30/10 Dennis from WA ordered 9 MM Brass: OUTSTANDING Thanks Randy
10/31/10 Stan from OH ordered multiple Cast Bullets and multiple Brass Cases: Over all very Happy
11/6/10 Dennis from WA bought 9 MM Brass: My second order in about a week. I will order again when product becomes available. A+ rating.
11/10/10Steven from IN bought 38 special Cast Bullets: Excellent attention to customer service.
11/10/10Dennis from WA ordered 410 Hulls and 45 Brass: Just when you think Crown Bullet can't get any better THEY DO. I made a special request for brass and hulls on their web site and Randy made it happen. I just receieved my order(3rd order in 2 weeks). Everything again perfect. Thanks again Crown Bullet.
11/16/10 Glenn from TX bought 38 Brass and 45 Cast: This company will bend over backwards to make sure that the customer is happy. Super easy to deal with if there is a problem.. I WAS IMPRESSED..
11/28/10 William from CA bought Brass: I can't recommend you highly enough. I look forward to doing more business.
12/04/10 Steve from CO bought Brass and Cast: You guys are super and I plan to do lots of business with you folks over the years, THANKS!