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Customer Feedback 2011

01/04/11 Robert from OH bought Cast: Thanks Randy, everything about the sale was a BIG #1 for the New Year!

01/10/11Gary from IL bought Brass: Thanks for brass. Looks Good!

01/12/11 Gary from CA bought Brass: Very clean brass. High polish and deprimed. Great price AAA+++ I'll buy more!

01/13/11 Adam from OH bought Brass and Cast: Easy ordering and fast delivery. I will buy again from Crown Bullet.

01/16/11 Sidney from NY bought 45 ACP Cast Bullets: Great product will be a repeat customer. Thanks

03/08/11 Jason from LA bought 40 S&W Brass: Only one word can describe my experience. EXCELLENCE!

3/12/11 John from Tx bought 45 ACP Brass: Too often the internet experience is such a poor experience...No Returned Calls...E-Mails Not Answered...Not Able To Talk To A State Side Live Human...Not So With Crown... They Are Above Great... I Will Buy More As Time Goes On.

3/12/11 Jim from Pa bought 12 Ga. Hulls: Thank you for the great price and great transaction.

Carey from FL bought 9MM Brass: As always service is impeccable, product is over the top and shipping speed is second to none. Thanks for being there for us reloaders.

3/30/11Stephen from OH bought 223 Brass: Have now received .45 ACP and .223 rifle brass from Crown--very impressive, looks brand new:deprimed, clean and shiny.

4/04/11 Allen from bought Hulls : Excellent Service

4/07/11 Carl from TX bought 45 Brass: I could not say it any better than Darth Vader when he said, "Impressive." Quality and speed of shipping more than made up for a slightly higher price point. Nice brass boxes that will work well around the reloading bench. My only pick is the vision fuzziness I have trying to get my old eyes to read yellow type on black background. Seriously!

4/08/11 Robert from MT bought 45 cast bullets: Very fast shipping and nice looking bullets at a good price. Will order again, Thanks.

4/10/11 Mike from CA bought 223 Brass: Excellence from customer service to the products they sell.

5/11/11 James from AZ bought 40 Brass: This was my first order from Crown Bullet Mfg. I'm impressed. Price was good,ordering was good, communication was excellent, items were packed very well. I liked the sample cast bullets you sent as well. I will be ordering some soon. All in all, very professional.

5/11/11 Josh from CO bought 9 brass: Speedy and excellent price. Bullets are of good quality while the lubricant seems to be of moderate or low quality(maybe due to jostling in transit). Still very satisfied.

5/17/11 Mark from NC bought 45 Cast bullets: I am verypleased with my purchase- shipping was extremely fast and not very expensive compared to a lot of other folks out there. The 45 ACP bullets I ordered shoot well with no issues in my 1911.

5/24/11 William from IL bought 25 Brass: Fastservice. Pleasure to do business with.

6/2/11 David from LA bought 38 Brass: Quick shipping, excellent, high quality, clean brass.

6/22/11 Michael from MD bought Winchester 12Ga. Unv. Hulls: Very Fast and wonderful communication. Thanks Crown.

7/23/11 John from TX bought 16 Ga. Hulls: Was an easy process will buy from them again

7/29/11 Gary from CA bought 40Brass and 12 Ga. Hulls: Very nice people to deal with, fast shipping and great products. Will deal with again.

8/2/11 Josh from CO bought 9MM Cast Bullets: Excellent service and product. As with the last batch my only constructive note is on the packaging. Improved from last time with the bag which is an excellent idea although the bags ripped open in transit. Possible solutions, stronger bags or fill in the box to stop the jostle. Excellent and it is awesome to see changes due to previous comments. Will most defiantly recommend you to all my peers and will return for my next order. Keep up the great service!

09/01/11 Pete from NY bought Shotgun Hulls:Crown had exactly what I was looking for, it shipped quickly and arrived in good condition. I'll do business here again.

09/01/11 Stephen form OH bought 45 ACP Brass: Super product, good price, excellent service. I will keep coming back as long as I keep losing brass at the range!

09/12/11 Colin from AZ bought 40 Brass: PRoduct is in better condition than what I expected. I ordered 40 Caliber pistol, once fired bress abd I must say, it looks brand new. All the brass had been de- primed and cleaned including the primer pockets. Thei price was excellent in the shipment was fast. I will be ordering more products from this company and in my opinion, look at what they have and definitely, if there is something you need, place that order and get it. You will not regret working with this group of folks.
09/16/11 John from AL ordered Cast Bullets: Thanks Randy!

Paul from FL bought Brass and Cast Bullets: I have never seen ANY brass ANYWHERE-at any price, new or fired, that looks half as good as the brass I got here. I tumble my own brass and polish it, and it can't hold a candle to Crown Bullet's once fired brass. If you want brass with a "jewel like" appearance, buy it here. The cast bullets are first rate as well.

9/9/11 Paul from FL bought Nitro Gold 12 Ga. Hulls: I was most pleased to see shotshell boxes included with my order. This is a great perk when ordering shotgun hulls for reloading. Please continue this practice.

10/17/11 William from AZ bought 357 Cast and 357 Brass: You Guys/ Gals are great!

10/21/11 John B. from TX bought Brass and Cast Bullets:These are the best cases I have ever used..So very clean and they actually swedge their military brass they sell.. These folks are worth the price you pay and then some..

11/19/11 Jesse M from VA bought Brass: Outstanding to deal with, brass was once fired but looked new, will buy from again

11/19/11 James C bought 40 Brass: I received 40 S&W brass, cleaned & deprimed and it looked like new brass! Excellent value, I will order again.

12/1/11 Orville from WA bought 40 Brass: All around the best experience I had on the internet. Thank you

12/13/11 William from AZ ordered 9 and 38 Cast Bullets: Second purchase was just as great as the first! Will be back soon. Gone Shootin

12/13/11 James from AZ ordered 3030 Brass: I am very satisfied with my order!! I ordered once fired brass and was expecting dull dingy brass with the pent primer still installed. What I received was processed shiney brass with the primers punched out. All I have to do is resize and trim. Thank you Crown Bullet Mfg

12/9/11 Russ from OH bought 38 Cast Bullets SWC: Great product, fair price, easy ordering, speedy shipping. What more can could you ask for? Crown Bullet is a great company to do business with.

12/24/11 Gerald from MO bought 20 Ga Hulls: Communication and order shipping was excellent. I will definitely order and recommend you to my friends!

12/31/11 Marty from AR bought Brass: A pleasure to do business with