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Customer Feedback 2016

Item# CUFE2016
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

1/10/16 Jon from NC bought 223 commercial brass:Pleased with product, brass clean, that protects my sizing die ($$$) random sampling indicated significant number still needed work on primer pocket crimp to clear primer pocket pin gage, but no surprise, I use Dillon's swager (top of line) on other brass and still need to hand ream pockets. WILL order again!! been reloading for 35 years and never seen a "Perfecta" headstamp, gotta Google that one. Thanx for timely shipping

01/11/16 Norm from AK bought 9 MM 125 Gr:Best service and quality AS ALWAYS. Crown has my business

01/13/15 James from AR bought 40 Brass and 40 Nickel Brass: I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered from Crown Bullet. Each time the order was received in a timely manner. The brass is unbelievably pristine. It is cleaned to a new condition with even the primer pockets bright. In a previous order I bought cast bullets and have found them to be of good quality and competitively priced.

1/25/16 Russell from NY bought 45 and 380 nickel brass: Thank you for this service

1/27/16 John from NC bought 38 Special Brass:1000 once fired 38 spcl brass, when I opened the package I thought your shipping dept made a mistake and sent NEW brass, then I noticed the mixed headstamp, the cleaning was BEAUTIFUL, even the primer pockets were spotless. THANKS

01/29/16 Monte from TX bought 7.62 x 39 brass: 7.62 x 39 once fired brass was clean and ready to load

02/13/16 Art from MI bought 308 Commercial Brass:This is the best quality once fired brass that I've ever seen and handled their clean and polished just like fine jewelry.

02/16/15 Hyun from NY bought 38 Nickel Brass: No question about it! Always the best!!

02/22/16 Stephen from LA bought 38-40 cast bullets:Very pleased with the bullets. Well packaged and fast shipping. Will buy again A+++

03/09/16 George from bought 38 cal 105 gr: Everything arrived in one piece. I suggest you upgrade your plastic ziploc bags to freezer level as they are tougher. Anyways you packed it well and the bullets look good. I will shoot them on Thursday and am sure they will function fine.

03/21/16 Tom from Fl bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Great small business to deal with. Great product and service second to none. Will buy from again and again.

04/15/16 John from NC bought 38 special brass and 45 acp brass small primer: opened your last shipment AS USUAL the brass was beautiful you definitely got my business for 1x brass, Thanx

05/24/16 Richard from SC bought 40 S&W and 9 MM Brass: I have been ordering 38 special, 9MM and 40 one time casings for years without and problems. Everything is OK. Your good people. Very, very happy with you.

6/13/16 Tom from Fl bought 9MM 122Gr: Excellent service and experience all round. Couldn't ask for more

James from AZ bought 380 Cast Bullets: Been a customer off and on for years. You have a great product, just lost track of you for a bit, will start using you more often now.

6/28/16 David from NJ bought 9 MM 125 Gr: Packaging was outstanding. Box contents were reinforced and nothing was able to move. Fast shipping 2 days from FL to NJ. I have purchased from Crown before and same experience.

04/03/16 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Excellent product, good price and very quick shipping, what' not to like!

07/07/16 Karl from OH bought 38-40 cast bullets: Very nice people to do business with. I was informed of the shipping and given a tracking number. The product was very reasonably priced as was the shipping. I will order from Crown Bullet again.

8/2/16 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Very consistent quality, price and service. I will continue to buy from CBM.

09/23/16 Richard from A bougth 9 M Nickel: Very good Quality Brass, Very nice people to deal with.

10/18/16 Tom from Fl bought 9 mm 122 gr and 45 acp 200 gr swc: Excellent customer service, consistent product quality and good prices, what's not to like?

10/28/16 Karl from OH bought 38-40 cast bullets: Best lead bullets that I have ever purchased.