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Customer Feedback 2013

Item# cufe203
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

1/6/13 John from SC bought 357 and 308 commercial: I'll be back!! Service and products were great

1/7/13 Charles from VA bought 223 commercial: The brass came sooner than expected and the staff was very helpful in ordering. Was out at the time but was notified quickly when brass was available, ordered from here before and will continue to in the future

1/7/13 Larry from NC bought 223 military: I am very impressed with the quality of the once fired brass I purchased. Also the price was very competitive and I received the order very quick. Im impressed

1/14/13 Greg from OH bought 9 MM 115 Gr: The ten percent discount keeps me coming back

1/14/13 Rob from MI bought 380 cast bullets: Delivery problems werent your fault, with me ordering over the holiday's so I gave you an excellent anyway! Thank you!

1/23/13 Timothy from Ca bought multiple hulls: After placing my order I inquired about the White Fed 12 Ga Hulls that were currently out of stock. My inquiry was made at night, so I didnt expect a reply until the following business day. Less then an hour later Randy had already responded to my inquiry about the out of stock items. Randy assured me that I would be placed on the wish list so I would be notified when the product was back in stock. Great customer service and attention to detail.

Ron from Tx bought 380 cast bullets: Items arrived in nice package. Crown Bulelt Mfg kept me informed when items was to be shipped. Good Job

Robert from OH bought 38 Special Brass: Randy was a pleasure to deal with. He's a gentleman and REALLY understands the meaning of Customer Service. I am totally satisfied

1/31/13 Gary from KS bought Estate Plated 12 Hulls: The delivery time was amazingly fast

2/2/13 John from TX bought multiple brass: Packaging was excellent, regular timely communication on the status of the order was Excellent!

2/5/13 Tom from Tx bought 223 Brass: Bar none, your company, people and service sets the "best in class" bar. Because you were out of a particular brass caliber, I tried another site for the first time. Long story short, after the product was received (terrible shape) and attitude from the company owner and VP when I contacted them, the product was shipped back and they were off my list
I will WAIT for you to get it in, in the future, for any of my rifle and pistol brass needs
A number of my reloading buddies have started ordering from you as well. All say they're amazed at the quality and cleanness of the brass. Got another large order coming your way in a few days, Thank, Tom C.

2/7/13 Dan from Ca bought 40 Cal Cast Bullets 180 Gr: Nice to talk to, did what they said, good bullets

2/12/13 Hyun from NY bought 223 M:Overall experience with Crown Bullet excellent, specially their service and quality of their products

2/13/13 Howard from NC bought 223 C: I will always look at your site for my reloading needs. Your product is like new brass and your service is the best, keep up the good work, it is a /pleasure doing business with your company, Thanks

2/17/13 John from ME bought 380 Brass and Cast Bullets: Everything was excellent, delivery took a while, but not your fauly due to supply and demand.

Don from OH bought Multiple Cast Bullets: I have always gotten GREAT service from your business and hope the political climate allows you to continue. I will support you as long as I can. Your products are VERY good and reasonably priced. Thanks

2/19/13 Jarrod from WA bought 38 and 40 Brass: As always your products are top notch and I will buy time and time again

2/20/13 Paul from TN bought Winchester AA Hulls: Shipment was quick and no problems were encountered and everything was just as said it would be

2/23/13 Greg from OH bought 223 M: This is the cleanest, best once fired brass on the market. When you compare lots of dirty once fired brass that other people are selling on line for higher prices this brass is tops. I sincerely hope that your supply continues and your prices stay low. Keep up the good work and God Bless

2/23/13 James from NE bought 3006: Great product, Quick Shipping

2/23/13 Lee from TX bought 38 Cast Bullets 105 Gr: Service is second to none! Good product at a good price

2/24/13 Joe from MO bought 40 Brass: Order shipped very fast. Good communication from seller. Great packaging. Bought once fired brass, it looked brand new. Will definitely buy from in the future. Many Thanks

2/25/13 Don from FL bought Cast Bullets: This is my second order from Crown Bullets and it will not be the last. There communication is very good and they ship when they say they will have it in the mail. The cast bullets I bought where the correct size and weight. Good company to do business with.

2/25/13 David from WI bought 38 SWC: CBM- These guys are good!!! Great Products- Fast Service- Low Prices! What more could you ask for!!

3/1/13 Winford from Fl bought 45 acp 20 gr cast bullets: I used the 45 cast bullets rnbb. They work so well I wish you would make the same bullet in 40 S&W 160-180 gr. This is the most accurate shooting I have done with reloaded 45 in my Ruger P90. Would like to see the same in m Ruger P94 40 S&W

3/1/13 Shelba from KY bought 45 and 9 brass and 45 200gr rn cast bullets: The brass looks as good as new brass. The best you have got, see you soon

3/4/13 Mark from AZ bought 45 ACP cast bullets: Crown Bullets always come through for us

3/5/13 Ryan from LA bought 45 200 gr rn: Transaction went very smooth. Even in a high demand period as this, I got my order in a week! Excellent service!

3/8/13 James from NE bought 40 Brass: Great product, quick shipping

Clinton from PA bought 223 Military: As advertised, brass cleaned and military crimp removed, but primer pockets not cleaned. Im not being picky saying there's a spot here and there on some of the brass. All of pockets need cleaned, they are dirty. Not a big deal, but Randy what happened?

3/11/13 Fred from OH bought 270 Brass: Getting product ready to ship is a little slow, but other wise great service

3/11/13 Glenn from CA bought 9MM 125 Gr and 38 SWC:Forth time ordering products fast delivery. Great prices great product, have told everyone at the range about Crown Bullet keep up the great job, Thanks

3/12/13 Bob from IN bought 380 Cast bullets: Shipment of 380 cast bullets arrived just as Crown estimated. Service was great, bullets look great- what more can you ask for when many companies have poor customer service

3/15/13 Augusto from WA bought 380 brass: Great customer service and communication, very professional. The product came in excellent condition and earlier than expected, very fast shipping. Thank you very much

3/18/13 David from OH bought multiple brass: Even when slammed with orders these people do a good job at getting their product shipped. I still order from them because of the great product

3/28/13 Dowell from TX bought 45 Colt 250 gr: With our political brothers in Washington creating so much fear in the people on both sides, parts for reloading have become hard to find. I was pleased to find that you offered a lead time and delivered as stated. The bullets were great, the finish, sizing and lubing all were fantastic. Looking forward to loading and putting some on paper

3/31/13 Ken from AL bought 38 cal 105Gr cast bullets: Going on 30 years of reloading and I've bought from every company out there. With that said, I've yet to experience the quality of customer service, attention to detail and personal touch that Crown Bullet provides. As an old retired US Army SGM, it's hard to impress me these days but, you guys have and you've earned my loyalty. I want to give a personal thanks to Randy for his help and kindness. Thanks again for a quality product and timely shipping!

4/1/13 Louis from NY bought 380 cast and brass: When I tried to order on the website I had a problem, so I called and the lady I talked to was very pleasant and took very good care of me. The service was excellent considering the problems everyone is having trying to get components. Fl to NY in 3 days, Fantastic. I will be ordering again, Thank you

4/1/13 Mark from AZ bought 9MM 125 Gr cast bullets: Your bullets are my favorite. I think we've sent about 18,000 of them downrange this past year :-) Excellent service as usual.Thanks

4/5/13 William from IL bought 9 MM 125 Gr and 45 ACP 230 Gr cast bullets: Everything was great. Ready to order again, Thank you

4/5/13 Norm from AK bought 38 Cal 105 Gr cast bullets: I have been a reloader for several years, doing business with cast bullet sellers from many different companies. Crown Bullet Mfg is the best in price and quality and most of all, communicating with the customer, keep up the good work, I'll be back :)

Steven from bought 45 ACP 200 Gr RN cast bullets:Customer service is really good. Really nice people to talk to. They were understanding being impatient and explained their situation with admiring humility. Hope to continue to do more business with them

4/8/13 Rich from SC bought 40 Brass: This is my 6th or 7th order and I have never been disappointed with anything. They're a great bunch of people. I can not say enough good things about. Unlike out government, these are super people. Very fast service, great product and you can rely on them.

4/9/13 Jerry from TX bought 40 S&W Brass: I just received my order of 40 cal once fired brass from Crown. All I can say is WOW. The only negative with this transaction is the delivery time but Crown is still faster then most in these crazy times. If you want good, clean, inexpensive and well polished brass then Crown is well worth the 3 week wait

4/15/13 James from NE bought 9 MM Brass:Great product, quick shipping

4/16/13 William from MO bought Multiple Cast Bullets: The cast bullets look great, delivery was quicker than expected. Thanks

4/16/13 Dennis from FL bought multiple cast bullets: AWESOME service. Fast Delivery. Very easy to deal with. Would like to keep using there products. Great Company

4/22/13 James from NM bought multiple cast bullets: You seem like a great company

4/22/13 Gregory from CA bought multiple cast bullets: Great product, reasonable price and great communication on order updates. I will place another order. A little slow on order processing but that's the way things are. Cant complain about product or packaging. Overall A-1 excellent experience

Jennings from SC bought 380 and 40 Brass: I will be ordering more brass from Crown. I recommend to anyone buying brass

4/29/13 Ronald from NY bought 40 S&W 180 Gr: Great product, I will be ordering again

5/1/13 Russell from OH bought multiple cast bullets: I have ordered thousands of bullets from Crown Bullet over the past two years and I will keep coming back. They make a quality for a fair price. Thank you!

5/1/13 Sal from CT bought 38 Cal RN: Everything arrived fine. Bullets are very uniform and loaded without any problems whatsoever. Looking forward to seeing how well they prevent leading, but I feel very comfortable that this is not going to be a problem

5/4/13 Tony from AZ bought 9 MM Brass: I have purchased Crown Bullet brass for various rifles and pistols and have been extremely pleased. Haven't taken advantage of the 10% discount yet, but I know that I'll continue doing business with Crown so am going to now. Very nice brass almost like new, high quality, very low price and ships very quickly. Very few throw outs, so far I've had 3-6 per box. Haven't sent any Crown Bullet cast lead down range yet but expect the same high quality I get from their brass. I've recommended Crown to many family and friends

5/4/13 Steven from CA bought 380 cast and brass: Once again these people have come through with flying colors..Randy and Im assuming his wife are the most patient vendors I've come across.. Thank you for being so patient with me..While it does take some time to get your items, due to the volume and high demand of their services, once it is sent delivery is fast. As for their service, once it is sent delivery is fast. As for their product, AWESOME!! Once again I will be doing business with Crown Bullet Mfg in the future I am a very happy customer!!

5/4/13William from bought 38 SWC: Keep up the good work. I love your bullets and fast shipping with this large demand thank you

5/7/13 William from TN bought Multiple Cast Bullets: Very happy with Crown's cast lead bullets. They are now my sole source for cast bullets!

5/8/13 Michael from WA bought 270 Brass: Outstanding service. When the package arrived, it had been banged around, broken box and taped back together. I thought things looked bleak, but when opening the package it was packed so well that the inner package was undamaged and the brass was in perfect shape. Thanks much for the great packaging and everything else

5/9/13 Lee from TX bought 9 MM 122 Gr: Crown continues to provide a great product with great service at a great price. Their remain constant during the ammo frenzy

5/9/13 Mark from IN bought 9 MM 115 Gr: Thank You

5/11/13 Mike from Tx bought 40 S&W Brass: Very fair, friendly, knowledgeable and dependable. I have purchased several different types of brass on 4 different purchases. Quality product, Looking to make my next purchase now.

5/12/13 Ken from AL bought Remington 12 Ga Gun Club Hulls: Crown Bullet has the best customer service in the industry. You can not beat their prices, quick shipping and personal attention to every order. Thanks again from a repeat customer and I'll be ordering again soon

5/19/13 Chuck from OH bought 40 S&W Brass and 40 S&W-10MM Cast Bullets 180 Gr: Fantastic service, will utilize Crown Bullet in future are highly recommended by me

5/13/13 Randy from MI bought 40 S&W Brass: Thanks Randy

Chris from NE bought 45 ACP 200 Gr RN and 45 ACP Brass Small Primer: Brass looks like new, cast bullets work great, priced right

5/28/13 Keith from MI bought 380 Brass and Cast Bullets: Thank you

6/2/13 Marc from FL bought Multiple Cast Bullets: Great service! they are very responsive to your emails and offer a positive buying experience! Reasonable turn around, despite the current climate. I saved money vs going to the gun show and I got the bullets on my porch. Will call on them with future needs

6/5/13 Laurence from OR bought 45 ACP 250 Gr: This is my third order with Crown Bullet and I am every bit as satisfied with this order as I have been with the two previous orders. Given the times we live in, with limited (or non-existent) reloading supplies and wide spread price gouging--who comes through with stellar product and NO PRICE INCREASES--CROWN BULLET! Reloaders--keep buying from Crown and tell your fellow reloading buddies THERE'S AN AMERICAN COMPANY, LOOKING OUT FOR AMERICANS!

6/6/13 David from WI bought 38 RN:This is my 7th order! Crown is one of the best manufacture's I have dealt with. Great product!- Great Price!- Great Service!

6/10/13 Garry from CT bought 38 SWC:Excellent turn around time on the order even during a period of high demand. Quality products. Crown is a pleasure to do business with. Thank you!

6/10/13Craig from OH bought 40 S&W Brass: First time ordering from Crown and I am very impressed. Brass looks like new and product was shipped within the time frame stated. Also I like the fact that I could pay with paypal. Will be ordering more in the near future

6/13/13 John from KS bought 45 ACP 200 GR RN: As I have experienced in the past, this again was a great transaction

6/14/13 Samuel from MO bought multiple 45 ACP Cast Bulletes: The 200 gr swc and 230 gr rn 45 bullets work great for my IDPA and USPSA loads. The alloy hardness is perfect and gave no leading. Which was a problem I've had with other commercial bullets. In fact I found I get more velocity with less variation from the Crown bullets when compared to the harder commercial bullets I was using. Service was great and the delivery came exactly when said it would

6/17/13 Tom from TX bought 380 and 9 MM 115 gr cast bullets: First time I have tried the cast bullets and bought 500 .380 and 500 9mm. Already loaded half the .380 and about to place another bigger order. Loaded with ease and look/shoot great. Will be working on the 9mm any day now and likely adding an order of the wad cutter 38 specials

Jim from IL bought 40 Brass: Receieved my order of once fired brass today. When I opened the package I thought there was a mistake and new brass had been shipped! This is fantastic! Not only clean but the primer pockets are pristine and inside the shell is shiny brass. I'm never buying brass from anyone else ever again!

6/26/13 John from KS bought 45 ACP 200 Gr SWC: Great service, good looking and consistent bullets. Thanks, will be back for more

6/28/13 Mark from AZ bought 45 ACP 185 Gr

Love your product and service. Here's some of your 125Gr 9mm's running a CZ Custom Shop Shadow

6/30/13 David from OH bought 40 Brass and 40 180Gr: I am very happy with the 40 S&W brass received. It is well packaged and very clean. A little slow to ship, but worth the wait. Thank you.

7/13/13 Dave from MO bought 38 SWC: Great looking bullet..can't wait to get some loaded and head to the range!! Thanks a million! Im sure we will do business again real soon..

7/15/13 Glenn from Ca bought 9 125 Gr and 38 158 Gr SWC:Another fast order, great product, will order more next month, Thanks again

7-16-13 John from AL bought 45 ACP 200 Gr RN: Your cast bullets are most consistent by weight and properly sized. Have used your bullets for a few years and never disappointed. Thanks folks!

7/17/13 Russell from NC bought 45 ACP 185 GR and 38 158 Gr SWC: Great folks to do business with. Had a little mix up.. But Crown made it right.. Very Pleased. Will be ordering more

7/17/13 Don from FL bought multiple cast bullets: Keep up the good work, your cast bullets are as good or better then other I have used. Putting in an order is very easy and you deal with nice people when ordering

7/19/13 Barry from TX bought 38 special brass and 38 cal 105 Gr: Most Excellent!!! The once fired brass was beautiful and the cast bullets perfect. Could not have expected any better. The customer service was most understanding and worked with me to "make it right" Highly recommend this supplier. You will not be disappointed.

7/25/13 Jamie from WV bought 45 ACP 230 Gr: Randy was very helpful and kept me informed on my order. I am very happy with the 230 Gr 45 acp cast bullets. I will order more in the future. Bullets were packaged good an got in a timely manner with all the craziness going on now. Thanks!

7/26/13 Paul from TN bought 32 Brass: Great product, super easy to deal with

8/2/13 Rob from SC bought 45 Colt 200 Gr: Bought a lot of bullets but they were not packed like the ones I just got from crown..380.. 1000 on line now ordering 1000 long colt. Kepp up the good work, Thanks

8/6/13 Mike from TX bought 9MM 115 Gr,40 S&W 180 Gr, 45 acp brass and 45 acp cast bullets: This order consisted of 9 mm,40 S&W and 45 acp. This is the second purchase of this brass and once again Everything was perfect. Brass looks brand new and a real pleasure to work with. Randy and team are very helpful and deliver product as promised. I continue to recommend Crown to all of my friends now who are looking for brass to reload, The 45 brass and cast bullets arrived in perfect condition. They load and shoot awesome. I will continue to purchase all of my brass and cast bullets from the team at Crown. Very helpful and professional. I could only rate their service "excellent" because there was not a higher rating listed

8/13/13 Carlos from CA bought 45 acp 200 gr swc: Thank you for the hassle free experience!

8/14/13 Tim from MS bought Mutiple Brass: I have done business with Crown for over a year and with many different purchases. They offer the most complete service of any company I deal with. The packaging alone is over the top and the quality of the product unsurpassed. Every case is polished, cleaned, decaped and ready to size and reload. I am particular about what I load and almost every piece I have received has been within my expectations. Treat yourself! Give them a try

8/1/13 William from IL bought multiple cast bullets: Fast service, great bullets. I will order again, Thank you

8/16/13 Bill from MA bought 38 cal 105 gr: Excellent service. Rapid shipping. Easy ordering. Appreciate the option to add to the order after original order placed

8/16/13 Timothy from CA bought Multiple Hulls: The product I wanted to order was out of stock, so I was placed on a "wish list" for the blue & white Federal shotgun hulls. Several months had passed and I wondered if the item was ever going to become available.I was recently notified the product was product was available and was able to place my order pristine condition. I have several options to purchase shotgun hulls from other suppliers, but I always turn to Crown Bullet's because of their friendly staff and quality products

8/21/13 Hyun from NY bought 223 Link Belt: Always 200% excellent service, Thanks

Steven from CA bought 380 cast bullets: Love the efficiency of Crown Bullet Mfg. I did have a minor issue with my last order of 380 acp. Cast bullets. There was some size variations causing the casting to be to loose but this was a minor issue. Other wise all my supplies have been flawless. Thank you hope to continue to do business

8/26/13 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 gr: Excellent experience, excellent overall, I will return

9/1/13 Robert from WI bought 32 cal 100 gr: Submitted order from 32 cal even though it was indicated that there was a backlog in production. Order was received in a much shorter time span than I expected very pleased with the product and service

Ryan from LA bought 45 ACP 230 Gr: Service was great. Randy kept me up to date on the status of my order. Excellent communication

David from WI bought 38 cal RN: Price is right- people are great- service is always the best

9/3/13 Timothy from CA bought multiple hulls: I have several suppliers to choose from, but I stick with Crown as my primary source of hulls. Also, I recently learned from a Crown employee that the shipping costs dropped drastically with a purchases of at least 2500 hulls to enjoy the break in price for shipping. All the product arrived in perfect condition

9/9/13 William from IL bought multiple cast bullets: Fast service. Great Quality. I will order again. thank you CBM

9/12/13 Tom from MO bought 9 MM 125 Gr: Good job, can't wait to load them

9/12/13 Mark from AZ bought 9 MM 125 Gr: Great service as always. Thanks for your support during these trying times

9/14/13 Vince from GA bought 45 Colt 200 gr: I do realize that there was a notice that there was a 2-3 week delay in shipping, but an update on shipping would have been nice

9/15/13 Craig from RI bought 380 cast bullets: Simply an awesome product! I cast my own heads and these are by far some of the best I've seen in the field.Keep up the great work!

9/16/13 James from AZ bought 9 MM Brass: This is the best once fired brass I have ever got over the internet. Hope 38 special brass comes available soon. Keep up the great work

9/20/13 Richard from TX bought 9 MM 115 Gr: My purchase of cast bullets was very convenient and rapid delivery

9/23/13 Ronald from IA bought multiple cast bullets: Quick shipment. Good looking bullets

9/25/13 John from KS bought 380 cast bullets: Order went very smooth and was delivered as promised. Thanks

10/1/13 John from AL bought 45 ACP 200 Gr RN: Randy, Ive used your bullets for a couple of years. Fellow reloaders use other bullet casting services and none of them took the trouble to randomly weigh their bullet purchases. As I told them Ive tried local casters and omst of them are hopeless. Ive tried lead bullets from Midway (Hunter's Supply- too soft) and Graf & Sons (Missouri Bullet Co- poor company and worse product) and not been satisfied. But Crown Bullets are always consistently cast, weigh within about 5 Gr or less of each priced, shipped quickly and easy to get!

10/4/13 Tom from FL bought 9 MM 122 Gr Cast Bullets: You wont go wrong with these bullets. A great company to deal with and great products to use

10/8/13 Eddie from SC bought Multiple Cast Bullets: Very nice cast bullets. Bought some 9 MM, 38 Cal and some 45 colt. Love using them on the range. Will be buying again. Thanks guys, you are the best

10/14/13 Robert from KS bought 40 Cal 180 Gr: My first order with Crown was for cast bullets. Good quality, fast shipping, reasonably priced. THese folks do what they say they will do no BS. I'll be back

10/20/13 Don from Fl bought multiple cast: This is my third order from Crown Bullets and it will not be the last as the product is great and bullet weights are accurate and I purchase 4 cal's from Crown Bullets

10/31/13 William from IL bought Multiple cast bullets: This is my 4th or 5th order. I wont order bullets from anyone else. The service is great, the price is right. Couldn't ask for any better

10/22/13 Bob from AZ bought 44 Cal Cast Bullets: 1st time order. Excellent service, Delivery & Customer relations. Will certainly order again

11/1/13 Allan from NM bought 380 Auto Cast Bullets: Very Happy, Good from bullets to packaging

11/1/13 Scott from NY bought 380 auto cast bullets: A perfect buying experience with Crown Bullet. My experience with other sellers has involved delays, lack of communication and sloppy packaging. Crown was the opposite of that--your site accuraetly stated the backlog in processing, you kept me informed of my order and when it was shipped, your shipping was quick and packaging was more secure than even firearms are shipped in

11/2/13 Norman from MA bought 38 Cal and 32 Cal cast bullets: Very easy ordering and fast shipping. Great bullets

11/21/13 George from IL bought 45 acp 185 gr: Nice 185 gr 45 acp bullet this is a well made bullet. One of the best I have seen in my 45 years of reloading cast bullets and have reloaded well over 50,000 of this type and cal

11/23/13 David from GA bought 9 MM Brass: Great product. The once fired brass is better than a lot of new brass Ive seen lately

11/27/13 Jarrod from WA bought 9 MM Brass, 9 MM 125 Gr and 40 Cal 180 Gr: Once again Crown Bullet has made me vary happy. They have the best cast bullets and quality in my opinion. Will buy time and time again!!!

11/27/13 Ronald from IA bought multiple cast bullets: This was my third order. As always, great bullets, great prices and great service. Its a pleasure doing business with you

1/1/13 Pete from WA bought 9 MM and 40 S&W Brass:Great service and product, as usual, second to none!

12/4/13 Ryan from LA bought 9 MM 115 Gr and 38 Cal 148 Gr WC: Great service as usual. Will do business with you again!

12/10/13 Michael from PA bought 45 acp 230 gr: Super fast shipping. Excellent communication. I highly recommend this company. The cast .45 acp load so much more easily than the LSWC I have been loading from another company. I will definitely do business with Crown in the future. This is a no BS review, I have no ties with the company. You can take this review to the bank

12/21/13 Jarrod from WA bought 45 ACP Brass: Once again Crown Bullet has knocked it out of the park!There once fired brass is better then the new at the store. The polish is awesome!

12/21/13 Dowayne from NV bought 32 Cal RN: THese cast bullets are a truly SUPERIOR value. My initial order of 500 pleased me enough that I purchased 2000 more the next day following use of cartridges loaded with Crown Bullets. Thanks to Randy and crew at Crown, I'll be plinking in Nevada well into the future. Their 32 caliber bullets will keep both my 327 Federal Magnum revolvers stocked and expedition ready, Thanks Crown!

12/30/13 Jon from Tx bought 9 MM Brass: I am very impressed with the speed of delivery and the communication from order through delivery was top notch! Brass looks new